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Get UNLIMITED Short Links at the CHEAPEST PRICE on the market. With our technology, you can simply monitor your audience with a simple and easy-to-remember but powerful Az Link and offer your consumers with a unique customized experience.

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Link Expiration

Set an expiration date to disable the URL after this date.

Password Protect

By adding a password, you can restrict the access.


This can be used to identify URLs on your account.


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  • Facebook Pixels

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Infinite possibilities with an one short link.

When used correctly, a short link may be an effective marketing tool. It is more than simply a link; it is a conduit between your client and their goal. A simple connection enables you to gather a wealth of information about your clients and their habits.

Target. Re-target.

To improve your reach, target your clients and redirect them to a suitable website. To catch them, use a pixel in your social media marketing campaign to retarget them.

Measure. Optimize.

Share your links with your network and collect statistics to improve the effectiveness of your marketing effort. Reach out to an audience that is a good match for your requirements.

Reach & increase sales. Ideal for marketing and sales.

Understanding your clients can assist you in increasing conversion rates. You can keep track of anything using our system. The data is available for you to examine, whether it is the number of clicks, the country, or the referrer.

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Users who are interested should be targeted. Effective and powerful tools

Through clever re-targeting, our solution enables you to target your customers in order to better understand their behavior and offer a better overall experience. We offer you with a plethora of effective tools to help you get closer to them.

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Everything is within your control. Complete control over your links

With our premium membership, you will have full control over your connections. This means you may alter the destination at any moment. Any filter may be added, changed, or removed at any moment.

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One link to all your links Make a Public Profile.

Create your profile using our easy profile builder and include all of your links. Share a single link on social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok and see how many people click on it.

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Targeting your customers

Target Customers

To improve conversion, target your visitors depending on their location and device and redirect them to specialized sites.

Custom Landing Page

Create a unique landing page to highlight your product or service and engage the consumer in your marketing campaign.


To show inconspicuous alerts on the target page, use our overlay tool. A great method to communicate with your consumers or conduct a marketing campaign.

Event Tracking

Add your own custom pixel from sources like Facebook to monitor events as they happen.

Premium Aliases

As a premium member, you will be able to choose a premium alias from our list of reserved aliases for your connections.

Solid API

Use our sophisticated API to create new apps, or use our tools to expand your existing applications.

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